MVP090E – Mast Lift

Model Vertical lifts

● Suitable for warehouse, supermarket, hotel, airport and other narrow space environment

● Outrigger leveling system with limit switch, safe and reliable

● Cylinder holding valve

● AC power to platform



MVP090E – Mast Lift
Self-Locking Gates
Emergency Descent System
Tubing Explosion-Proof System
Motion Alarm
Charging Indicator(DC type)
Charging Protection System(DC type)
Flashing Beacon
Lanyard Attachment Point
Tie-Down And Lifting Points
Emergency Stop Button
MVP090E – Mast Lift
Size Metric British
Max. Working Height 12.50m 41ft
Max. Platform Height 10.50m 34ft 5in
Overall Length(Stowed) 1.53m 5ft
Overall Length(Tilted Back) 2.63m 8ft 8in
Overall Width 0.75m 2ft 6in
Overall Height(Stowed) 2.35m 7ft 9in
Overall Height(Tilted Back) 1.70m 5ft 7in
Outrigger Footprint(Length /Width ) 2.08m/2.15m 6ft 10in/7ft 1in
Platform Size(Length×Width) 0.70m×0.60m 2ft 4in×2ft
Ground Clearance 0.055m 2in
Tyres(Front) 0.20m 8in
Tyres(Back) 0.13m 52in
MVP090E – Mast Lift
Performance Metric British
SWL 150kg 330lb
Max. Occupants 1 1
Up/Down Speed 40/26sec 40/26sec
MVP090E – Mast Lift
Weight & Power Metric British
Weight – AC 530kg 1168lb
Weight – DC 553kg 1219lb
Battery 12V/85Ah 12V/85Ah
Charger 12V/15A 12V/15A
Lifting Motor – AC 220VAC/1.5kW 220VAC/1.5kW
Lifting Motor – CC 12VDC/1.5kW 12VDC/1.5kW